eMule 0.50a AcKroNiC 6.0 -Source-

AcKroNiC v6.0 Based on MorphXT v12.5

replace „skin“ to AcKroNiC
adjust credits thread
change 1’st time wizard [taz] : most values are now loaded from preferences
fix store obfuscated server connection on 1’st time wizard [taz] : value never stored
fix ICS preview priority [taz] : piority values were reversed
change ICS enabled for preview as well [taz]
change NewDefaultNick [WiZaRd] : follow mod name
add regional connection wizard [Mulo Da Soma/taz] : localization
change regional connection wizard : use Israel for he_IL locale & Italy for all other
fix (???) fully utilize upload bandwidth on empty queue [taz] : was blocked on max (per class) client datarate
fix @CServerWnd::ReattachAnchors Repaint Splitter – ReattachAnchors [moloko+]
add more mods icons [taz] : Icons taken from ModIconDLL
change mandatory : transfer full chunks, SUI, protect (don’t remove) static servers
change disable queue size setting when InfiniteQueue [WiZaRd/SLUGFILLER] : infinitequeue option moved from Morph optins to extended
remove ipfilter servers [leuk_he] : treated via ASF
add ASF – AcKroNiC Servers Filter [taz/Mulo da Soma/EneTec/Spike2]
add AcK filters [Aenarion/Xanatos] : family and trash filters
add Low-id notifier [chamblard]
add Completed in Tray [Stulle]
add More info about corrupted .met/.part file [Aenarion]
add Open Incoming from tray [taz]
change selectable compilation (AcK/Is_CA.h) CA/Morph anti leecher [taz]
add CA [WiZaRd] + adjustments (compilation related, funny nick, adjust CAntiLeechData::Check4ModThief to -modname-, etc.) [taz]
fix CUPnP_IGDControlPoint : don’t rely in module pointer which is „0“ed on constructor [taz]
add Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2]
add Inform Clients after IP Change [Stulle]
add PowerShare stats [taz/pP] : collector code rearranged (mainly shift from Prefs to Stats), stats rewritten
change New Version Check : adjust check logic (ntohl) + links/notes to AcK
change default active log pane to log (from server message)
change splash to follow previous AcKroNiC style
add Emulate other [???/WiZaRd/Torni/Spike2]
add Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2] + stats [Stulle]
add Nice Hash [Xman]
add Quick start [TPT]
change Quick start [taz] : non stored back values (using connection setting)
add minRQR [WiZaRd]
add Don’t remove dead servers on 0 retries [???]
add drop sources [Stulle]
change show # of dropped sources : shift m_ShowDroppedSrc to CDownloadQueue::RemoveSourceAndDontAsk
fix show # of dropped sources : count only dropped
add don’t drop complete sources [taz] : simplified version due to the change of show # of dropped sources

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