eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 -Binary-

Xtreme 8.1

Main Features:

– Maella Bandwidthcontrol, caculates the real Overhead
– NAFC (network adapter feedback control)
– advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed
– Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling
– improved Xtreme-Creditsystem
– Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS
– IP to country – show country-flags
– Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
– hundreds of code improvements

supported languages:
german, english, spanish, french, italian, chinese, turkish, czech

based on emule 0.50a
compiled with:
libpng 1.4.1
zlib 1.2.3
Cryptopp 5.5.2
CxImage version 6.00
** this version is compiled using MS Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Windows 7 SDK **

Xtreme 8.1
– improved: update Flush Thread and Read Block From File Thread (Morph/Sirob)
– improved: Sort progress bars by percentage (Fafner/Xman)
– improved: Also include modstring when sorting by software for aMule (Stulle)
– improved: Don’t reset Connection Settings for SysTrayIconMenu (Stulle)
– improved: Optimize Process Kad client list (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Possibly crash fix on ShowComment (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Fix for setting buddy state on removing buddy (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Don’t publish incomplete small files (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Only resolve hostnames for downloads if partfile found (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Remove client from DownloadClientsList on RemoveSource (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Fix broken HTTP downloads from SourceForge (WiZaRd)
– fixed: Collection double extension (leuk_he)
– fixed: Client is always highid if we are connecting to them (Enig123)
– fixed: don’t reconnect to banned clients (Enig123)
– fixed: Potential devision by zero in UploadBandwidthThrottler (Stulle)
– fixed: fix a problem of AICHHashset write buffer at shutdown (DolphinX)
– more minor fixes and improves from Stulle’s merge
– removed: Send user agent for http downloads only when obfusc enabled code (redundant) (Xman)
– changed: Store antiLeech.dll in config directory (Stulle)
antiLeech.dll.new should henceforth also be placed in config dir.
– add: Ability to translate „Network Adapter“ and „eMule control + data“ for graphs (Stulle)
– add: Own color option for Network Adapter graph line (Stulle)
requires Network Adapter color to be configured on update
– add: Add a checkbox of Known2Split in PPGFiles (zz_fly)

languages updated: German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; French [jamjam]; Spanish [Rajil/mself563];
Italian [xilolee/EvolutionCrazy]; Turkish (partially) [omeringen]

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