eMule 0.50a Som-Tam v0.2 -Binary-


**************** * Changelog V0.2 * ****************

[Add]FakeAnalyzer [Netfinity]

[Add]Show Icon Preview when is Ready(only Movie)in DownloadListCtrl, can disable in Som-Tam Options I [Matrik] [Add]FunnyNick [Xman]

[Add]Set Small File Size [WiZard]

[Add] Save Load Sources [?]

[Add]Some Optimization [WiZard]

[Add]Relax on Start up [WiZard]

[Add]Reset Kad-IP on IP-Change [based on code from Pawcio]

[Add]ConChecker [eWombat]

[Add]Low ID retry [SlugFiller]

[Add]Save CPU [WiZard]

[Add]Preview Menu and Icon in DownloadListCtrl[Morph]

[Add]WinSock 2 [eWombat]

[Add]ICS [enkeyDEV]

[Add]AntiHideOS [netfinity]

[Add]SafeKad [netfinity]

[Add]NiceHash [CB/Wizard]

[Add]Obfuscate HTTP-Transfers [Spike2]

[Add]Reconnect to Kademlia [Pawcio]

[Add]Kadaddons [Spike2]

[Add]KadHelper [eMuleFuture]

[Add]Show HashClient in „My Infos“ [Matrik]

[Add]QRdiff [from ZZUL-TRA Mod]

[Add]Show Related Source Colored [eMuleFuture]

[Add]Some optimization [taz]

[Add]Some Icon [Matrik]

[Fix]HTTP downloads [WiZard]

[Fix]in MetaDtaDlg [WiZard]

[Fix]In Kad [WiZard]

[Fix]Some Bugs again 😉 [Matrik]

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