eMule 0.50a ScarAngel v4.1 -Installer-

eMule v0.50a ScarAngel v4.1:
– 01.06.2011 –
based on eMule 0.50a Xtreme 8.1 compiled with vs2010 SP1

Added: Some more icons in DownloadListCtrl context menu [SiRoB] – Stulle
Added: „No to all“ option for backup nagging dialog in Backup window [Stulle] – Stulle
Added: Downloading Chunk Detail Display (idea for usage in DlClients by JvA) [SiRoB] – Stulle
Added: Uploading Chunk Detail Display [SiRoB/Fafner] – Stulle
Added: Display remaining upload time (estimation!) [Stulle] – Stulle
Added: Option to optimize mod GUI addons & more feature optimization for NT Service [Stulle] – Stulle
+ CPU/MEM information, TBH: MiniMule, Toolbar Speedmeter, Show queue count/progress bar
Added: requpfile optimization [SiRoB] – Stulle

Changed: Download icons in SearchListCtrl context menu [SiRoB] – Stulle
Changed: Backup dialog strings can now be localized [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Show Client UL and DL in Transferred column of DownloadListCtrl [SiRoB] – Stulle
Changed: Show all clients that are not banned in On Queue list of WebInterface [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Display if a client has credits in On Queue list of WebInterface [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Hide file names in Multi WebInterface if file shared in unaccessable cat [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Do not allow downloading of files with hidden file name in WebInterface [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Clipboard ed2k link file watch now queues into category selection [leuk_he] – Stulle
Changed: Displayed ed2k link list in category selection can be scrolled through [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Allow incoming folder of default cat to be customized [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Show cat name for scheduler cat actions [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Cat related scheduler items are added with -1 (All) value [Stulle]
Changed: Open Incoming Folder Fix for incoming folders of categories [CommanderGER] – Stulle
Changed: Rewrote the code determining if a NTService optimization should be done [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Add superior clients after last superior client in upload [Stulle] – Stulle
+ Until now superior clients were added in first position, regardlessly
Changed: Move Superior clients down in upload when they hit a chunk border [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Do not display PowerShare or Fair Play for bad clients [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Scale both upload and download to max in speed graph of TBH MiniMule [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Display if client is superior in WebInterface and sort accordingly [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Optimized code that checks if sup clients are on queue [Stulle] – Stulle
Changed: Stop searching for sup clients on queue if one was found [Stulle] – Stulle
+ concerns: Keep Sup clients in up if there is no other sup client in queue
Changed: Take sup state into account when retrieving queue rank of enqueued clients [Stulle] – Stulle

Fixed: On setting new Friendslots via WebInterface old Friendslots were not removed [Stulle] – Stulle
Fixed: Potential NULL-pointer around TBH: MiniMule in TrayDialog [Stulle] – Stulle
Fixed: MiniMule did not open when minimizing to tray with Static Tray activated [Stulle] – Stulle
Fixed: SOTN could be activated for partfiles when enabled in preferences [Stulle] – Stulle
Fixed: FairPlay was displayed for partfiles in Upload List [Stulle] – Stulle
Fixed: WebServer progress text did not work when file completed [Stulle] – Stulle

Note: Following languages updated: German [Stulle]; Chinese (P.R.C.) [zz_fly];
Chinese (Taiwan) [AndCycle]; French [jamjam]; Spanish [Rajil/mself563];
Italian [xilolee/EvolutionCrazy]; Turkish (partially) [omeringen]

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