eMule 0.50a eMuleFuture v1.0 *NoBoard* -Binary

based on Tombstone Xtended v1.0

removed : XPMenu (+XPGroups)
removed    : Faster Upload timer (obsolete)
removed    : IntelliFlush
fixed    : Vista sensing [pP]
fixed    : download preview chunks first for ICS [taz]
fixed    : VS2005 / VS2008 compatibility issue for IP2Country [Fafner]
replace : GetCpuUsage with
adjust    : client datarate code @ Preferences.h for Slot Focus changes from UploadListControl [taz]
update    : Automatic shared files updater v3.5 [Stulle/WiZaRd]

!    several small bugs fixed which were introduced by the merge [taz]
!    fixed wrong icons on SharedView Ed2kType [WiZaRd]
~    updated conchecker to my latest version [WiZaRd]
+    re-added IntelliFlush (hardcoded!) [WiZaRd]
+    added XPMenues (WiZaRd's "quick hack" edition ;)) [WiZaRd]
+    added "open incoming dir" to Win7 thumbbuttons list [WiZaRd]
+    added "open incoming dir" to toolbar [WiZaRd]
~    updated ip2country to use the latest flags [WiZaRd]
~    updated modicon code [WiZaRd]
!    fixed reg handle leaks in "Vista sensing" [WiZaRd]
+    added Open Incoming from tray [taz]
+    added Completed in tray [Stulle]
+    added friend handling [Xman]
+    added ip2country .dll autoupdate [WiZaRd]
-    removed ScarAngel && Mephisto from BadClientFlag [taz]
+    added easy mod version [WiZaRd]
+    added EMF nodes.dat as default/fallback URL for bootstrapping [WiZaRd]

+    added SOTN [WiZaRd]
+    added preferences for XPMenues [WiZaRd]
!    fixed Kad ID finding for friends [WiZaRd]
+    ed2k links are now captured and you can select the category to add them to [taz]

~    password is now hidden while entering [WiZaRd]
!    fixed crash when calling "FindSourceByIP" with byKadVersion > 1 and uCryptTargetID == NULL [taz]

~    hid the "FileIdentifierDesc" loglines in release builds
~    added CA stats to clipstat

//Beta06 (Public Beta2):
!    fixed board functions for users with blanks in name [WiZaRd]
!    fixed crash on first start assistant [WiZaRd]
!    fixed SlotFocus [taz]
+    added an inversion effect to toolbar button text when hovering [WiZaRd]
+    added simple shared files reload (SSFR) [WiZaRd]
+    added options for ASFU/SSFR and their time limits [WiZaRd]
+    added additional files to the "don't compress" flag [WiZaRd/taz]
+    added mediainfo.dll autoupdate [WiZaRd]
~    changed default update URLs and default autoupdate values 

//Beta07 (FiNaL):
!	fixed speedselector and systemmenue issues [WiZaRd]
+	added option to enable/disable the resource bars in transfer wnd [WiZaRd]
!	fixed SOTN logs
+	replaced collection file slot with a more general small file slot [WiZaRd]
!	several SOTN fixes [WiZaRd] - thx to taz && no1else for intensive testing and feedback
~	changed splash screen behaviour: it's showing earlier now and includes more details on startup [WiZaRd]

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